We welcome you to Exotic Pets & More, Inc. We are a private breeding facility of small primates, lemurs, and more. We are an FWC, USDA, and USDI licensed facility that offers exotic animals to zoos, other private facilities, and private individuals. We consider that these magnificent creatures should never be taken for granted. Before you even consider buying an exotic as a pet, we always recommend that you do your homework first, by educating yourself about the species that you are interested in. There is a plethora of information online about these wonderful creatures that we breed and sell. Exotics take much more of your time than a dog or cat, and this too should be considered in your decision to acquire one.

We have now opened our doors to the general public for a tour of our facility, but by appointment only. There is a however a small charge per person for your visit, as we have many animals, and most of our time is taken up by caring for them. Visits are limited to up to six people per tour, so as not to disturb or stress our animals in any way.

We also offer actual, hands on Lemur encounters for those who have never experienced up close, or touched one of these playful creatures. A separate fee is required.

We hope to, in the near future make available some of our animals for private parties and special events.

Thank you for visiting our website! Pardon our dust as this website is currently under construction.

Call us at: 561-691-4738