Owl Monkeys

Also known as night monkeys, they are native to Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. There are several subspecies, but the subspecies that is most often seen in the U.S. is commonly called the red-necked owl monkey. Owl monkeys are one of the most unusual of the New World monkeys as they are the world’s only nocturnal monkey, meaning that they sleep during the day, and are up at night. It’s their large eyes that allow them to have increased ability to be active at night.


The owl monkey, in the wild, is a frugivorous species, meaning that most of what they eat is fruit, but they also eat leaves, and insects.


They height is approximately 1.12 to 1.14 feet and their weight is approximately 1.76 to 2.76 pounds.


In captivity they eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables along with diets that are manufactured specifically for them.


I consider them to be one of the gentlest species of monkey that exists.